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FHD 2022 Week 8 - 11

I can't remember a time period when we've made so many stupid mistakes. Super frustrating. Highs and lows...

We had some cool work go out the doors. These Chase Crates looked great!

Texas Ag Chase Crate Upland nameplate medallion

But we had to remake a bunch of parts due to simple mistakes (note we didn't miss our deadline!).

We've completely sold through our inventory of reader rails, and we worked hard to get leg units back in stock so we can continue to fulfill orders. It's fun to work in large batches.

making reader rail parts Upland shop reader rail legs gluing reader rail legs

But in large batches, mistakes not caught early can cause lots of trouble down the line...

Making investments in the business can be lots of fun.

sketching floorplans building hardware organizer upland hardware cart

But it also can take lots of time.

Building products we haven't made in a little while is exciting.

mobile research station assembly reader rail graphics flipbook product drawings on phone

But also reminds us how quickly we forget the details / highlights when we have poor documentation to bring new people up to speed.

Creating new custom projects / products is extremely rewarding.

upland round tube connector newsprint sculpture parts newsprint sculpture prototype assembly reviewing newsprint sculpture prototype

But it can also move painfully slowly.

Even though it was a rocky few weeks, I'm excited for the progress we're making. The reason we struggled is simply that we've got too much going on at once!

We're busier than ever, and juggling all the potential new work with existing commitments, being sure we don't miss deadlines, while trying to expand the team and our capabilities, has been challenging.

But we're always up for a good challenge! I'm confident we'll be back on track next week.

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- Wendee