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Upland® Lincoln Showcase


Lincoln Showcase

Our flagship large showcase product to securely display the best of your collection.

Approximately 4' wide x 4' deep x 8' tall


  • Constructed with preservation friendly materials:
    • powder coated steel
    • stainless steel
    • uv-filtering laminated glass
    • no-added-formaldehyde MDF
    • water-based low VOC finishes
  • Bolt as many cases together as you'd like!
  • Easily rearrange cases with a pallet jack

This product is brand new for 2022!
Photos of newly installed cases will be posted soon.

Lincoln Showcase Dimensions

Lincoln Showcase
Single Unit Dimensions

Expandable modular design

Order a single freestanding case, or bolt multiple cases together.

Upland® Lincoln Showcase

Single Showcase

Lincoln Showcase

Triple Showcase

(three Single Showcases bolted together)

Operate doors independently

Specialty hinges allow each door to operate completely independently whether there is one case or one hundred!

Single Showcase

Triple Showcase

Lincoln Showcase light unit

looking down into the light unit from above the case with lid propped open

LED Light Unit

Features integrated LED lighting with adjustable color temperature and reflective diffusers.

Easily move empty Lincoln Showcases
with a pallet truck.

move Lincoln cases with a pallet jack