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Since 2008, Upland has designed and built powerful exhibits for a wide variety of cultural and historic institutions.

FHD Exhibit Fabrication

We deliver clarity in concept and execution, applying art and analysis to bring a shared vision to life.

Our work is anchored by four core principles:

Clarity - We strive to clearly and effectively communicate our clients’ visions with grace and precision.

Simplicity - We believe in less, but better.

Authenticity - Our work is intentional and honest. We strive to distill the essence, and build upon that foundation.

Craftsmanship - We use heirloom-quality materials and time-honored techniques to create meaningful spaces that stand the test of time and trends.

Meet our team

artists, designers, engineers, craftspeople - who we are

Upland Exhibits building

Proudly Made in Kansas

We're located right in the heart of the country, but our work goes, well, everywhere.

Made in Kansas