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Weekly Journal

For the last few years, I've written a weekly update for employees and a small group of people interested in the progress we're making as a company.

Short and sweet, mostly pictures.

It's a glimpse into the work we do each week, and how we do it.

examples of previous emails

Recently, I chose to share this more publicly via email. So feel free to use the signup form at the bottom of the page to join our list and follow along!

Get these updates weekly via email!

"I thoroughly enjoy getting the emails that, in a short, succinct way, clearly give an overview of the projects you are working on.

I like how you enjoy the highs of the job and let us know about the lows, which everyone has, so it's relatable.

I know it must take time to do this weekly digest, but it's one of the highlights of my day when I get to read it. Thank you and carry on!"

- Wendee