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FHD 2021 Week 41

Frustratingly slow week. Here are the highlights…

I can’t remember the last time we accomplished so little in the course of a week!

Between supplier delays, client decision delays, budgets, schedules, new business inquiry followups, and a couple internal hiccups, very little actual fun work made it out the door.

museum budgets and schedules

budgets & schedules, budgets & schedules...

museum case prototype review

On top of that, we discovered a few of the websites we’d just acquired were hacked at some point in the past, meaning we’d have to comb through each one individually to clean them up as we transition them. Ugh.

hacked website command and control interface

command & control interface hidden on a hacked website -yikes!

Graham did manage to squeeze a bit of design time on the news exhibit, though.

exhibit graphic design review exhibit graphic heights diagram

And I made a new process poster for the shop to highlight a suggestion for better internal communication.

tell them with a drawing upland process poster

Week rating: 3 out of 10

Hopefully Week 42 will be back to normal!!

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