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FHD 2021 Week 44

Full week, full schedule. Here are the highlights…

Join our team!

We’ve got more Upland orders than ever before–both in number of orders & dollar value. But we’re really struggling to find our next qualified fabrication team member.

FHD fabrication collage

Earlier in the year, the applications came flying in. Now, we’re hearing from very few. If you know of someone who wants to do meaningful manufacturing work in a small business / small team environment, please send them our way!


Case lighting

Dan and I finalized the Lincoln Showcase lighting system this week. It’s so clean.

Lincoln Showcase lighting system

interior view of the case light unit

Newsprint sculpture design process

Graham and Anthony worked to refine the graphic design system / word count instructions for the newsprint sculpture. I can’t wait to see this thing in real life:

newsprint sculpture word count newsprint sculpture word count

Journal reflection

I’ve been sending these weekly updates to our email list for 3 months now, and the response has been even better than I imagined.

The original list of subscribers was simply all the people on our email list that we’d done business with or overlapped with in the past.

And each week, I love getting feedback from various readers. This one from last week was particularly fun!

feedback highlight of week

So I decided to post the updates on our website to encourage more signups (and more clearly show what people are signing up for).

If you know of someone who would enjoy following along with the progress we’re making as a business, please feel free to encourage them to sign up here:


FHD journal screenshot

And if you have feedback for how I can make this weekly digest better (more interesting, more helpful, etc.), please send me a note! I love reading your comments.

Get these updates weekly via email!

"I thoroughly enjoy getting the emails that, in a short, succinct way, clearly give an overview of the projects you are working on.

I like how you enjoy the highs of the job and let us know about the lows, which everyone has, so it's relatable.

I know it must take time to do this weekly digest, but it's one of the highlights of my day when I get to read it. Thank you and carry on!"

- Wendee