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Upland 2022 Week 38 - 42

Lots of good stuff coming out of the shop these days. We're working extremely hard to keep all our projects moving but having a bit of fun, too. Here are the highlights…

Building the Rover has been a fun challenge, judging by all the smiles. So. Many. Details. And funky angles.

Mark and Dan are getting to spend lots of time together, pouring over Anthony's drawings.

review-mars-rover-metal-fabrication-details review-mars-rover-metal-fabrication-details review-mars-rover-metal-fabrication-details review-mars-rover-metal-fabrication-details

Lots of parts and pieces. New techniques (like tube bending!). And bright colors.

metal-shop-dropoffs_0078 bright-orange-powder-coated-steel-rover-parts_0534

I continue to be amazed by the team's ingenuity and attention to detail.

You know you've got your machine dialed-in when you're making chips as consistent as these!


Exploring new ideas and techniques, and sharing what we learn with each other, is a big part of what makes each day fun.

anthony-showing-hdpe-cnc-milling-details_0508 circular-museum-case-prototype-upland_0073

I asked Derek what he thought of his first week working with us, and he simply responded that he looks forward to waking up and coming to work. ‘Nuff said. I told him it was the same for me, most days!


And I took a bit of time to celebrate my brother's wedding. The groom's side of the wedding party were all current, former, or future(!) Upland employees.

Setting up for the wedding in the middle of the Flint Hills was lots of work. But working together again just felt natural. So many good memories.


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