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Upland® Chase Crates Discover Exoplanets Chase Crate Upland® Chase Crates Upland® Chase Crates
Upland® Chase Crates
Discover Exoplanets Chase Crate
Upland® Chase Crates
Upland® Chase Crates


Chase Crates

All-in-one shipping & display solution for traveling exhibits.

Chase Crates easily transform from freight shipping mode into beautiful exhibit elements in a matter of minutes. And while damage in shipping is inevitable, Chase Crates are designed so that any component is easily replaceable with a cordless drill so downtime is eliminated.


  • Constructed with replaceable parts so repairs are easy by anyone (including host venues!)
  • Graphics and side panels easily switch out to create new displays
  • Add-ons such as Tabletop Touchscreens further enhance the visitor experience

Standard Configuration

Upland® Chase Crate 252533

25" x 25" x 33" Chase Crate

w/ 2 posts & 2 banners

  • Side panels: 4
  • Hanging banner sizes: 30" wide x 78" tall (single-sided)
  • Overall height: ~88" from floor to top of unit
  • Crate exterior dimensions: 25" long x 25" wide x 33" tall
  • Crate interior dimensions: 23" x 23" x 27" deep
  • Anodized aluminum finish on metal components
  • Shown with optional Tabletop Touchscreen add-on

Examples of exhibits utilizing this system:

Chase Crate Setup Videoview setup video for this configuration

Choose your side(s)!

Chase Crate painted wood panels

Magnetic painted panels

Painted wood panels attach via magnets and snap into place with a satisfying click! This option provides a rich, natural look with wood grain texture visible in the right light.

Chase Crate printed graphics panels

Bolt-on graphics

If you'd prefer printed graphics, we can do that too. The 1/8" aluminum composite panels attach with 6 small bolts on each side (the small dots you see in the photo above).

Ready to design your own Chase Crate?

Exoplanets themed Chase Crate
Upland Chase Crate panel graphics worksheet

Download our graphics worksheet and get started designing the perfect Chase Crate for your space.

Download Worksheet

Endless Configurations, Easy Setup

Setting up a traveling exhibit doesn't have to be hard!

These instructional videos created for a client show the assembly process for a traveling exhibit created with Chase + LEK® + Digital Interactives.

Case Study

Case Study

Want to see the Chase Crates in action? Check out the Bandits & Heroes or Discover Exoplanets traveling exhibits!

Ships via Freight

Freight Shipping

This item requires freight shipping.

Graphic Design Available

Graphic Designer Available

If you want professional graphic design work for your project, just let us know!

Modular Add-ons

Modular Add-ons Available

Chase Crates accept add-on components like Tabletop Touchscreens.

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