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Fabricator painting an exhibit element in our shop We've dialed in our finishing process so our customers get a smooth, consistent finish on all of our products.

Signature Finishing Process

Using techniques honed over years of exhibit fabrication, Upland's Signature Finishing process yields an outstanding product every time. We finish all of our wood products by hand and inspect them along every step of the way.

Pick a color. Any color!

Finishing our products with the right color is an important part of the manufacturing process. If you've got a specific paint formula you'd like for us to use, just let us know. If we can get the color locally we will happily do so without an additional fee.

The easiest way to communicate your color preference is to simply tell us where you got the paint and snap a quick photo of the can / color formula. Paint or stains from national brands carried at Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin-Moore, Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart, etc. are generally easy for us to get our hands on.

If you don't have an existing color to match, we recommend Old Masters® wiping stains for beautiful hand-rubbed stain finishes. For painted surfaces, we prefer Sherwin Williams®. We typically water the paint down slightly into a paint wash that allows the natural textures of the wood grain to show through.

Popular Finishes

Tung-Oiled Baltic Birch finish Tung-Oiled
Baltic Birch
American Walnut Stain finish Old Masters® American Walnut Stain
Charcoal Paint Wash finish Charcoal
Paint Wash

3x Polycrylic® Topcoat

All painted or stained surfaces are finished with three coats of a protective satin Polycrylic® to ensure the product holds up to years of use. We strongly encourage applying this clear topcoat over all finishes as it seals the product makes the surfaces much more durable.

Tung Oil

If your product is made out of maple, birch, cherry, or walnut hardwood, we recommend using a clear tung oil finish to allow the natural beauty of the wood to show through. Tung oil is a traditional hand-rubbed finish that soaks into the wood and hardens the fibers from the inside. It's easy to clean and repair, and adds a richness and depth to the wood not often seen in the age of mass produced products made from cheap materials.

Color Samples

If you'd like a color sample for approval, Upland® will send you a 8”x10” Baltic birch board to confirm the color and finish. Each color sample is $20. Once the finish is approved, we will proceed applying finish to your products.

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