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Cuesta Showcase line up

Cuesta Showcases

A moveable alternative to permanent museum display cases

Large exhibit showcases that are easy to use and easy to move, Cuesta Showcases come in different shapes and sizes to display your artifacts.

The Big Idea

Cuesta Showcases feature a robust base designed to be compatible with a pallet jack. To move your case, simply remove the trim pieces, slide your pallet jack in the slots, and move it wherever you need it.

Cuesta Adjacent Two Window case staged and ready for delivery

Cuesta Showcases are assembled after final finishing to assure components fit together perfectly. The showcases are then partially disassembled for delivery and reassembled on-site.

Standard Case Configurations

Cuesta Showcase Features

Cuesta Showcase Doors

Opening a Cuesta Showcase door is like removing the entire side of the case! Large glass doors make managing your collection pain free.

Select your paint color

Your color, your style

Tell us the color you'd like and we'll paint it with our Signature finishing process. We're happy to provide a finishing sample upon request.

UV-Filtering Museum Case Glass

UV-Filtering Glass

UV-filtering glass comes standard on all Cuesta cases.

Upland® Slimline Museum Case Shelving

Slimline Shelving

Add optional slimline adjustable shelving or leave the case wide open.

LED Lighting

Included standard on all cases.

Hidden Case Locks

Keep the public out with simple locking mechanisms.