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FHD 2022 Week 5 - 7

Always feels a bit slow immediately following a big installation. But we made steady progress nonetheless. Here are the highlights…

We’ve got some major (exciting!) changes coming soon, so we took a bit of time to sort through old Upland product inventory.

Jocelyn’s going to be offering a number of older products and prototypes for sale at a discounted rate in the next month or so to help free up some space.

sorting upland inventory

We also sorted components from older models of products that just need to be repurposed at this point. Here Jon is converting stacks of Chase Crate lids that don’t fit the current model into stacks of shop carts!

assembling shop carts

Graham and Anthony kept pushing hard on the news exhibit design.

news exhibit column design draft

And we started building the prototype of the newsprint sculpture.

The graphics on it are going to look so cool–I think the concept will really resonate with visitors:

newsprint sculpture graphic design draft

The sculpture itself will be an interesting blend of materials.

From beautiful solid maple…

solid maple exhibit sculpture base

and stainless tubing…

stainless tubing for museum sculpture

To paint-washed pine…

paint wash pine tongue and groove exhibit sculpture base

and (soon to be) powder-coated steel…

steel sculpture structure

In fact, pretty much everything coming out of the shop this week featured a unique combination of textures and colors.

Fabric banners and printed ACM graphics on this Chase Crate (designed by the company placing the order–it looks outstanding!):

upland chase crate graphic design texas ag


crating foam


painted mdf panels

Anodized aluminum…

anodized aluminum exhibit display components

Solid birch…

solid birch museum exhibit reader rail leg blanks

And of course both painted and stained baltic birch. This picture shows how the new nameplates will be embedded in products going forward. They look sharp.

upland reader rail embedded nameplate

Speaking of sharp, Isaac found one of the gnarliest bits I’ve ever seen and put it to use cutting french cleats into some case backs. Glad we’re not trying to run this one with a hand router!

cnc 45 degree undercut bit

Graham also designed some awesome outdoor signage with cedar and high-pressure laminate graphics, but I’ll have to share photos of those materials after we get the sign built.

outdoor signage design review

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One last note: Jocelyn created an Upland Exhibits Instagram account a few days ago. So if you enjoy this weekly digest, I’d suggest you give it a follow. Jocelyn has a great sense of humor and I’m sure it will come through on the posts as she gets going!

upland instagram first post

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