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FHD 2021 Week 38

Solid week. Here are the highlights...

Oil exhibit

Graham created a cool design approach concept for an oil-related project.

His choice of materials will provide maximum impact while keeping the cost as low as possible.

oil exhibit design process

He created a 2-D design first:

oil exhibit 2d design

Then we rendered a 3-D version to show off a few more details:

oil exhibit rendering

MPMA display

Isaac built components for our exhibit booth at next week’s Mountain-Plains Museums Association Conference. We’ll be exhibiting some style boards from a few projects completed recently. If you’re in Sioux Falls next week, stop by our booth to check them out!

museum conference display museum conference display

Acrylic vitrines

Dan and Jocelyn worked hard to glue and finish out a number of acrylic vitrines for current Upland orders. I haven’t inspected our vitrines very closely recently, but we’re getting really good at making them.

polishing acrylic vitrines inspecting acrylic vitrines

Fall weather

Mark enjoyed the onset of fall weather by moving the bandsaw outside. He forklifted an entire bundle of steel to his pleasantly peaceful workstation and steadily worked through the pile.

bandsaw cutting steel

Crystal took note and enjoyed the fall weather as well, picking a sunny spot between the buildings to position her forklift workbench for the day.

degreasing steel

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