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FHD 2021 Week 37

Shockingly full week, but not much to show for it visually. Here are the highlights…

Graham designed really cool proof-of-concept graphics for Anthony’s newsprint sculpture. I can’t wait to see the next refinements of this idea.

newsprint sculpture sample graphics

We made good progress on our new case product. Working together to simplify complex ideas into something elegant and easily manufacturable can be quite fun!

building museum cases

I’m very excited to see the laser-cut stainless steel components in real life.

museum case rendering

This product will be beautiful inside and out.

Even though few will ever see the internal construction details like this silhouette of Abraham Lincoln, it’s important for us to design in small details that make those who discover them smile:

lincoln case detail

Jocelyn worked hard to keep up with multiple reader rail orders (including several in unique pastel colors!):

painting reader rails

Dan worked through an order of bent graphics, which is something we’ve not done much of in the past. Very simple and clean. A good process to figure out for the future.

routing graphics prototypes

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