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FHD 2022 Week 12 - 16

Back on track. Here are the highlights...

I've been silent for a bit now because we've been heads down & focused for pretty much all of weeks 12-16 (and beyond) getting back to the basics / documenting our processes.

It's been both painful and refreshing to review our entire product line and pull together documentation.

We've known this has been coming for a little while now, but as we prepare for some big changes we want to make sure we're all on the same page.

Upland production packet page

We're literally going part by part to make sure we've got it all written down.

Upland product pages on workbench

Getting everyone onto the same page is lots of work. Like, lots. Why do we make things in a certain way? Are those ways outdated / worth changing? Explain your thinking (over pizzas!).

discussing fabrication processes

What processes need further standardization? Can we create references and examples of good vs. bad to help everyone identify problems?

baltic birch clean vs bad cut

What wisdom is locked inside the minds of people who have been doing something for so long they just unconsciously make improvements to process without anyone else knowing?

discussing museum construction details

Of course, the rest of the work didn't just stop during these weeks.

We launched a new product that I'm very excited about--Waymaker Indoor Reader Rails. They're extremely simple, but that's why we use them on so many of our projects. We decided to make them available to others as well:

Upland Waymaker Indoor Reader Rail configurator

We started in on several new projects, and sent files to production on several others.

It was a busy few weeks, but as I reflect back on the work we did, I couldn't be happier that we decided to take on the task of documentation and standardization. Kudos to Jocelyn for leading the charge.

And I even found a sliver of time to do what I enjoy: making things. Feels good to be back on track.

Upland coins on laser cutter Upland coins in hand

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