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FHD 2021 Week 42 & 43

Last two weeks were a blur of hard work! Lots of great activity, but mostly behind-the-scenes again. Here are the highlights…

Lots of teamwork

One of the things that jumped out at me reflecting on Weeks 42 & 43 was the amount of paired up teamwork that took place:

Dave & Graham did an amazing job completing the transfers of all the sites we acquired and incorporating them into our hosting system. announcement

We’re now down to only 13 customers that we need to finish updating information for, and then we can shut down the old AWS servers. We’re gonna really celebrate on that day!

Graham & Anthony made great progress on the news exhibit design parameters, budget, and process:

collaborative design process

Jocelyn & Dan worked to sort out and ship several Upland orders for products that Jocelyn hadn’t made before:

bison crate review

Mark & Dan worked to finalize jigs and fixtures to speed up production on our first Lincoln case production run:

assembling case glass

Dan & Isaac worked through the final details of Lincoln case trim as we got into our production run:

upland production meeting

Unfortunately, we really got clogged up as we got into our production run, waiting on client decisions. We had stacks of parts everywhere.

stalled lincoln case parts

But Dan & I were able to use part of that time to figure out how the lighting for the cases would work:

prototype case lighting

Inline Lincoln Showcase Demo

One other highlight from the last couple weeks is that we put all the pieces together for a triple-wide Lincoln Showcase. I couldn’t be more pleased with how this all works.

Here’s a quick video of me demonstrating how the doors open when you have two or more cases side-by-side. This is a triple case (12 feet wide), but you can place as many cases inline as you want!

Upland Lincoln Showcase Triple Door Opening Demo

It’s super slick. Each unit functions totally independently, which will hopefully bring joy to many curators/preparators in the near future!

Week 42 rating: 6 out of 10

Week 43 rating: 7 out of 10

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