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FHD 2021 Week 47 & 48

Great progress. Even with the holiday breaks and continuing supplier delays. Here are the highlights…

Anthony created an awesome rendered walkthrough video for the news exhibit project. You have to watch this video. It’s so good!

Rawlings InfoZone Rendered Walkthrough 2021-12-03

Graham’s graphic design style is going to really bring the space to life:

news exhibit graphics news exhibit graphics exhibit touchscreen graphics layout draft

It’s been a fun, and sometimes stressful, collaboration so far.

reviewing exhibit rendered video

On the Upland front, we got stacks on stacks of case parts painted and curing, ready for delivery. I couldn’t fit all the racks in the photos.

jocelyn painting exhibit case parts spraying museum parts painting hinges sanding case parts mark painting

Parts started coming back from the powder coater as well.

powder coat display case frames

Powder coat is so much better than paint for product durability, and it looks phenomenal.

powder coated display case components

And we got a little end-of-year holiday party in. Pickleball is a bit of a passion for one of us. I won’t say who, but Mark did bring his handmade wooden pickleball paddle to show us all up with!

We had a great time. Especially Dan with this shot at Isaac!

pickleball slam

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