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FHD 2021 Week 36

Short week. Great progress. Here are the highlights…

Lincoln Showcases

In Week 36 we made great progress on our new Exhibit Showcase system. We’re tentatively calling the cases Lincoln Showcases.

We modeled variations on the case structure and ran stress/displacement simulations to show which designs perform best:

museum case stress test

Then we built a prototype of the chosen design to see how our theoretical model compares to the real world:

display case welding and grinding display case assembly

The improvement was sizeable: a 75% reduction in displacement from our initial prototype! That puts us well within the tolerance we anticipate needing for a top-quality product.

News Exhibit

Graham and Anthony made great progress on multiple facets of the news exhibit schematic design.

Anthony added more interpretive elements to his newsprint sculpture:

newsprint sculpture rendering

Graham explored potential title panel structures for the exhibit entrance:

news exhibit title panel ideas

Graham also drafted a large artistic wall mural:

museum mural wall draft

Then we reviewed progress on the (nearly) complete prototype unit:

museum spinner interactive prototype

Anthony testing the spinner prototype

And discussed methods for adding more depth and detail to the full-size cases once we get into the design development phase.

routed map

three-dimensional cnc-cut elements add depth and interest

Penrose Heritage anniversary exhibits

Graham and Dan finalized all the graphics for the Penrose Heritage Museum improvements. We should be able to get our portion of this project done and shipped right on schedule, if not a little early.

reviewing printed graphics circular museum display labels

New Product: Flat Pack Pedestals

We spent just a bit of time developing a flat pack pedestal product to complement our new flat pack reader rail products. It won’t be for everyone, but for certain small-format traveling exhibits it may be a handy way to display objects that transports more easily than our standard Upland pedestals.

museum flat pack pedestal rendering

Finally, it’s a strange highlight, but the last few weeks have been a frenzy of design and engineering as shown by our conference room whiteboard. Time to erase it and start again!

museum design brainstorming whiteboard

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