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FHD 2021 Week 45 & 46

Supplier delays are the worst. I don’t know how the car manufacturers do it!

Here are the highlights from the last two weeks…

It’s easy to understand how the large manufacturers get shut down when there are delays from their suppliers. We’re a small company, and yet we’ve been waiting on steel from two different mills for over a month now.

And those touchscreens we ordered back in September? Still no word. Ugh.

But we do what we can while we wait…

Jocelyn cranked out parts for more reader rails:

Jocelyn stacking reader rail parts

Dan finalized the rest of the hardware orders for what we’ll be able to build through the end of the year:

Dan ordering materials

Anthony designed some really cool custom parts for the newsprint sculpture he’s been working on:

fabrication team reviewing designs

And worked the client’s latest wishes into the news exhibit model:

news exhibit perspective view rendering

Isaac nearly finalized the design of an 18 foot wide, 9 foot tall quintuple Lincoln Wallcase:

draft lincoln wallcase

I put up a billboard in an attempt to call attention to our two current job openings. Those job postings are here if you’re interested in joining our team! /careers/

FHD hiring billboard fabricator

And, oh yeah, one other little thing… Graham and Dave got all of the clients fully transitioned off the old Amazon servers and into our hosting environment!

Actual footage of me celebrating when I heard the news:

Miguel Herrera celebrating

Ok, not me. This is Mexican soccer coach Miguel Herrera who is slightly more expressive than I am. But that's how I was feeling.

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