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FHD 2022 Week 3 - 4

Installation time in Tennessee! Here are the highlights…

Time for a road trip.

During Week 3 we finished loading the trucks and headed for the Abraham Lincoln Library & Museum in Harrogate Tennessee.

Lincoln Memorial Museum

on the campus of Lincoln Memorial University

The task was installing 26 of our Upland Showcases into the newly remodeled space.

Upland Lincoln Showcases at LMM Upland Lincoln Showcase Upland-showcase-panorama

lots of case frameworks bolted together and awaiting glass...

Upland Lincoln Showcase installation

...and even more cases...

The installation went very well, but it was hard work.

We couldn’t have done it without Brad & his crew. They moved over 60,000 lbs of steel, glass, and MDF to the second story of the building in one day, without any equipment or elevators.

installing Upland Lincoln Showcases

With the components in place, assembly could begin.

Upland Lincoln Case door assembly

Case frameworks were bolted together.

bolting Upland Lincoln Showcase frames together

Then moved into place and adjusted to be perfectly level and plumb.

leveling Upland Lincoln Showcase frames

Glass was installed.

installing Upland Lincoln Showcase glass

Then the trim, locks, and lighting.

installing showcase locks

And apparently they even found time to goof off, just a bit.

Brad and Co. in case

I’m very proud of the work the team did, and will share more photos of the products themselves at a later date. These display cases are going to be a great addition to the Upland line.


But by the end of Week 4, it was back to the Kansas workshop to start in on the next project. There is no time to waste given our workload!!

Upland team project planning news exhibit design prototype

One other note from the week–Graham found a little extra time to create a portfolio page for a recent project we hadn’t gotten around to promoting much yet, the M.T. Liggett visitor center.

I’ve gotten some comments recently that the newsletter has been a little too focused on production lately. So here’s a chance to read a bit more about the design process from a recent project. Check it out: /work/mt-liggett/

Liggett portfolio page snippet

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