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Upland 2022 Week 17 - 27

Our biggest news in several years... we've moved to a new building and gone all-in on the Upland brand!

For years now we've worked as Flint Hills Design, with a brand of products called Upland Exhibits. But it's time to simplify!

Upland Exhibits new building

We're Upland Exhibits. We'll continue to do custom exhibit projects and sell museum products that we manufacture, but it will be under one roof and under one name.

Over the last 10 weeks we've been working hard to merge our brands together.

To kick things off, we bought a new building, moved across town, and brought the entire team under one new, big roof.

Upland Exhibits new building interior

A few of us had to start off with the obligatory soccer match in the new open space (that's been a fun tradition for each of our 3 buildings now).

new building soccer kickoff

But then it was straight to work moving the office building and literally cleaning house.

Isaac carrying bookcase

We had to do some remodeling to prepare the shop area for our use.

Upland shop remodel contractor Brian Runge empty fab shop

But that process was smooth and enjoyable. And I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

The new shop is big, bright, clean. It almost feels clinical. And I love it.

bright fab shop remodel

The actual process of moving the production equipment went smoother than expected. It was tiring, but refreshing at the same time.

railer services upland exhibits move newton ks

Sorting years of jigs and fixtures from past projects and products was exhausting and cathartic. We laughed over the differences in opinions about how to do similar tasks--here Mark found his version of jig that Dan opted to remake (and label) to fit his style of working. We all enjoyed the process of letting them go as they've become obsolete by the CNC machine in more recent years.

comparing woodworking jig variations

Moving to a new space has definitely upset habits and rituals for much of the team. So we've been working hard to find suitable (better!) replacements. I'm particularly fond of the new lunch spot.

upland exhibits atrium lunch spot

Despite the noise of a (currently) open office environment, we're all finding ways to settle in and get back to doing the work we love.

upland informal exhibit design meeting exhibit project scheduling

We're far from done.

We'll keep moving.

moving traveling exhibit with forklift

We'll keep designing.

designer showing shop drawings to fabricator

We'll keep building.

installing exhibit title panel

We'll keep prototyping.

prototyping stanchion design upland new product

We'll keep organizing, and sorting, and growing.

labeling shelf organization loading exhibits onto pallet racking with forklift exhibit fabrication shop

We'll keep learning, and we'll keep teaching.

museum exhibit design internship

We'll keep evolving our space,

designing new office pods

and our processes;

upland museum exhibit product crating system

our skills and our team,

museum exhibit design virtual meeting

so we can build you the best damn exhibit possible. The one you know you are meant to share with the world.

We'll do it, proudly, together.

You'll know us as Upland.

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