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FHD 2021 Week 33

Fine week. Here are the highlights…

New Spinner Prototype

Dan made us a cool prototype spinner interactive. This design is simple and should be quite robust! I’m excited to see it made in a few larger sizes.

museum spinner interactive prototype

Flat Pack Wall-Mount Reader Rails

We sold some of our new flat pack wall-mount reader rails and completed our first production run of this product.

flat pack reader rail cnc layout

I mounted the GoPro to the CNC machine to show how a few of the parts in this product are manufactured. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use the dust collector and record with the GoPro at the same time, so it made quite a mess in the shop!

upland exhibit systems cnc machining

Beecher's Bibles crate

Dan applied a cool paint wash to the pine crate from last week, and stenciled graphics onto the side.

beecher's bibles crate

It’s a very simple unit, but I think it will be quite memorable to visitors.

Concept Development

Anthony created conceptual floorplans and started the 3D model of a house museum project we’re currently working on. We’ll have much more good stuff to show later for this project!

cather thematic floorplan cather farmstead concept

Flat Pack Reader Rails

We started taking a few photos of our new flat pack products. They pack up so neatly!

upland flat pack reader rail


Graham finalized the graphics for the PHM improvements, and prepped all the graphics for print. They’re simple and handsome–I’m excited to see them installed in the new exhibits.

phm exhibit label outdoorsman museum case label sample graphic PHM

Scheduling Improvements

Dave and Jocelyn started to add scheduling to our new quoting and project tracking app.

smartmargin scheduling

It’s tough to manage our production workload between custom exhibit projects, Upland orders, and Overland travel schedules (did I mention that Dan and Jocelyn brought the Walls exhibit back from Texas this week?), but it’s something we’re committed to improving as our schedule continues to be overloaded with good projects!

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