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FHD 2021 Week 32

Solid week. Here are the highlights…

Liggett installation complete

Mark, Dan, and Jocelyn wrapped up the installation at the M.T. Liggett Visitor Center. I’m excited to see it, and will share more photos once the space is open to the public.

liggett exhibit progress

The weathering steel elements are new for us–and quite striking. I’m especially fond of the contrast between the powder coat and rusted steel look for the exterior signage.

liggett exterior corten signage

I’m also excited to see some of the interviews on the final a/v unit Graham wrapped up this week.

liggett visitor center av units

First production run - flat pack reader rails

Jocelyn got most of the way through our first production run of the new flat pack reader rail product. We should be receiving graphics back for this first set of rails sometime next week, so we’ll get a chance to see these on display shortly!

Initial interest in this product has been strong, so we need to get it up and available for purchase on the Upland website soon.

flat pack reader rails

Linotype Island

Anthony designed a cool island to display and intepret a Linotype machine and a few other printing-related objects.

news exhibit linotype island concept

He also designed a really cool madlib-esque interactive to go along with the interpretation. I think this one will be quite fun for visitors if it makes it into the final design.

lines of type interactive

Atomic Alert back from Boston

Isaac brought the Atomic Alert traveling exhibit back from Boston this week. Unfortunately this one is going back into storage for a bit as we don’t have another venue scheduled for it at the moment. But it sounds like it was quite a hit at the last couple venues, so I expect we’ll get it back out on the road before too long…

atomic alert exhibit setup in boston

Heritage Gallery

Graham pretty much wrapped up the graphic design for improvements to the Penrose Heritage Museum. The labels are clean and bold. I’m anxious to see them in person once they’re incorporated into the new displays:

heritage gallery label inheritance gallery label

Beecher's Bibles

Dan made one of the final elements for the John Brown traveling exhibit this week. It’s a simple crate used to illustrate the story of the abolitionist preacher who promoted using Sharps rifles in the fight against slavery.

We’ll wrap up the paint and graphics in the next week or two. But I think Dan had fun making a simple crate out of pine and square nails–that’s not exactly our go-to product material or method!!

beechers bibles crate beechers bibles display

CNC tune-up

After last week’s CNC issues, Isaac opted to give the machine a little tune-up. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to get cuts this clean again.

Parts that come off looking this good hardly even need to be sanded! Less time sanding means lower prices on Upland products. That’s a win-win.

clean cnc cuts

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