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Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager will administer the company's social media marketing and advertising.

This includes but is not limited to developing and implementing social media strategy, setting goals, improving the brand's presence and reputation, and optimizing the company's advertising efforts on social media networks.

Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and implement social media strategy. Create and execute a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with the company's business goals.

Content creation and management. Create, schedule, and manage the publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content.

Brand development. Improve and maintain the company's online reputation and branding.

Community engagement. Engage with followers, respond to queries in a timely manner, and encourage positive community interactions.

Monitor and report on performance on social media platforms. Use tools such as Google Analytics to monitor and analyze social media performance. Prepare reports on key metrics and use the results to improve future campaigns.

Competitor analysis. Keep an eye on competitors' social media strategies and learn from their successes and failures.

Qualifications and Skills

Work Environment

The Social Media Manager can work in our office environment, but the nature of the work also allows for remote working. This role may involve non-traditional hours, as social media doesn't adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule.