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Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator is responsible for organizing and overseeing the administrative aspects of various projects within Upland.

This role involves working closely with the design team members to ensure that each project is on schedule and within budget. The Project Coordinator will also communicate with clients and suppliers, track project progress, and address any issues that arise during the project lifecycle.

Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate project tasks. Work closely with the design team to organize and coordinate project tasks. This can include scheduling meetings, creating task lists, and keeping track of project timelines.

Communicate with clients and suppliers. Serve as a point of contact for clients and suppliers. This can include answering questions, providing updates on project progress, and addressing any issues that arise.

Monitor project progress. Keep track of project progress and make sure that each project is on schedule. If any issues arise that could delay the project, work with the team to find a solution.

Manage project documentation. Maintain and organize project documentation, such as contracts, invoices, and design plans. Ensure that all project information is accurate and up to date.

Budget creation. Create and update project budgets at the beginning of a project and as the project design evolves.

Budget tracking. Track project expenses and ensure that each project stays within budget.

Meeting coordination. Schedule and coordinate project meetings. This can include setting the agenda, taking meeting minutes, and following up on action items.

Risk management. Identify potential risks and issues that could affect the project, and work with the team to develop contingency plans.

Apply for awards. Identify and apply for awards for projects after their successful completion.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Previous experience in a project coordination or project management role, preferably in the exhibit design or related industry.
  • Strong organizational and multitasking skills.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Proficiency in project management software and other office software, such as Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Ability to work well in a team and collaborate with different stakeholders.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure while maintaining a positive attitude.

Work Environment

The Project Coordinator typically works in an office environment. The role often requires a standard 9-to-5 schedule, but may sometimes require additional hours to meet project deadlines, especially when nearing the completion of a project. Depending on the specific project and client, there may be opportunities for on-site work during the installation of exhibits. Given the nature of project coordination, there may also be potential for remote work or flexible scheduling.