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Omaha Children's Museum, Omaha, NE

Lunar Terrain Vehicle Interactive

This lunar terrain vehicle interactive is for all those aspiring astronauts!

The Omaha Children's Museum commissioned us to design and build a custom interactive play structure for their Moon to Mars exhibit. The LTV-06 is geared toward chidren ages 3-5 and is designed to look like a modern lunar rover. The airless tires (Twheels) are stationary when the rover is displayed and are swapped with swivel wheels when the rover needs to be moved. We cut the various panels from HDPE, which is a material commonly used in playgrounds.

The first drawings they provided to us were amazing - you could tell how their team had thought through the details, from fitting it into a semi to being able to survive with kids playing with it. - Sarah, Omaha Children's Museum

Pre-schoolers can take the helm and turn the steering wheel, or adjust the solar panels in the bed. The LTV-06 will be featured in the Omaha Children's Museum exhibit, Moon to Mars.

Rover Gallery

  • Preschool child playing on the Lunar Rover
  • Side view of the Lunar Rover
  • Detail of the LTV-06 on the side of the rover
  • Detail of the LTV-06 steering wheel
  • Removing the tweels on the LTV-06 for travel
  • LTV-06 with wheels and stairs removed for travel
  • Packing up the LTV-06 into a trailer
  • When it arrived on site, we were even more impressed with the details in person. The quality was incredible. The details - from how we install it, to securing it for play, to reinforcing areas that will take a beating impressed even our most critical staff. We were so impressed with this project we've done two more since. - Sarah, Omaha Children's Museum

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